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Licensing-자체개발 신약의 라이센싱을 통하여 글로벌 제약사로서의 힘찬 도약에 나섰습니다.

Ilyang Pharmaceutical has built solid pipeline through the development of Innovative drugs such as “Noltec”, the 14th new indigenous drug, “Supect” the 18th new indigenous drug, “Super Antiviral Agent”, the alternative drug for Tamiflu, and is pushing forward the strategic licensing for each country worldwide to promote the superiority of Korea’s new drugs.
“Supect” to be released in 2012 sets itself from others for its excellent efficacy and much more affordable price, and furthermore, will help achieve financial savings on domestic health insurance costs and bring a revolutionary turning point to the Asia Pacific leukemia market. In addition, the

“Super Antiviral Agent” has the safe efficacy and entirely different mechanism of action compared to the existing drugs and can substitute the existing antiviral agents. The “Super Antiviral Agent” is expected to carve out a large share in the global market for antiviral agents as well as domestic market.
Ilyang Pharmaceutical will continue to focus on developing the new drugs that can surprise the world through relentless R&D and constant investment, and make utmost effort to help promote the advancement of domestic pharmaceutical industry while cementing its leading position in the global pharmaceutical market.

Partnering Style

Ilyang Pharmaceutical pursues the development of various products through partnership.

• Partnership spurred by Ilyang Pharmaceutical’s R&D pipeline and synergic effects
• Joint development of products with the selected companies
• Seizing the opportunity for new licensing in each region worldwide
• Increasing the sales of new drugs by launching the co-promotional campaigns

why il-yang?

• Management team consisting of experts in pharmaceutical field
• Know-how in new drug development through the creative challenge of excellent R&D personnel
• Experience with the sales and marketing in global pharmaceutical market
• Strategic licensing that makes rapid progress from the initial stage of product introduction to the commercialization


Ilyang Pharmaceutical is in contact with the multinational and local pharmaceutical companies covering North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia for the out-licensing of innovative new drugs developed independently. We are making utmost effort to promote the superiority of “Noltec” and “Supect” worldwide through license partnership for raw materials and technology, as well as finished products, and contribute to the national finance.


Ilyang Pharmaceutical is actively engaged in the In-licensing business for the introduction of excellent foreign new drugs and generic. Currently, Ilyang Pharmaceutical offers general drugs and special drugs for various treatment groups, and maintains good partnership relations with prominent multinational pharmaceutical companies related to the In-licensing
Ilyang Pharmaceutical’s Development and Sales Division consist of the experts and maximize the synergic effect with partners based on swift and successful implementation throughout the whole processes -- ranging from the registration of the products, through the marketing and distribution, to the sale – by responding quickly to the rapidly changing domestic pharmaceutical environment.

Young Hwi, Ko
General Manager / Licensing Team
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