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일양약품은 혁신적 신약개발을 통해 글로벌 신약개발 전문 제약기업을 지향하고 있습니다.

Ilyang Pharmaceutical has successfully developed the 14th indigenous drug named “Ilaprazole(Noltec tab)”, the anti-ulcer PPI(Proton Pump Inhibitor) agent, along with the 18th indigenous drug named “radotinib(Supect capsule)”, the second generation leukemia treatment drug(CML), which is the result of the relentless investment for more than two decades. These new drugs will be made available in foreign markets, raising the prospect of huge sales and revenue.

By fully leveraging such success in new drug development, Ilyang Pharmaceutical has brought together the research and development(R&D) capabilities and expanded its reach into the bio-drug development sector, the new growth engine, in 2009, aiming to develop the economic and high-yield influenza vaccine, and is slated to carry out the clinical trials.

In addition, Ilyang Pharmaceutical will move forward with the development of vaccines based on cell culture in the period ahead, and speed up the development of innovative bio-drugs that have unlimited value, such as cytokines and peptide-based new drugs, in such a way consistent with the government's policy to foster the global companies specializing in new drug development.

Ilyang Pharmaceutical will complete the development of antiviral agents that have innovative mechanism of action, and intensively invest in the new targeted anti-cancer agent and cell culture vaccine that can gain ground in global market.