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Our foundation spirit and management philosophy are now what leads IL-YANG PHARM. Our traditional foundation spirit is grounded in Buddhism and is summarized as three; 'respect for man´s life and dignity' to think highly of human dignity, 'business patriotism' to contribute to human health and well-being, and 'self-annihilation for the sake of the country' to manage the company with socially authorized and righteous way. Our management philosophy is simply summarized as 'activeness' to deepen and execute foundation spirit, 'diligence' to set a good example, and 'harmony and cooperation' to work with others. Particularly, 'harmony and cooperation' are in line with 'respect for man´s life and dignity' and 'self-annihilation for the sake of the country'.

Corporate Philosophy

The meaning of this corporate philosophy lies in expressing the sense of challenge as well as the appropriateness to overcome the technological limitations for human health over the repeatedly occurring diseases. IL-YANG shall maintain its perpetuity under any circumstances and step forward with creative thinking. There are various objectives a company should aim at. Expanding the employment and making cheap but quality product, we must make a return for our customers and serve to the society. However, our true duties shall never be complete with the fulfillment of these goals. We will keep surviving and expand our business with mutual trust and confidence.

Trust, Challenge and Creation

Trust reflects our organization climate based on harmony and self-annihilation for the sake of the country as well as due diligence to fulfill our social responsibility. Challenge is a subtly modified concept to reflect our long-lasting corporate philosophy of "We think of what can be done for us" and include progressive ability react, flexible thinking, and promising attitudes. Creation is our driving force and the outcome of our behaviors. Creation needs autonomy and independence. A bud of creation never shoots out without awareness. History never grows without creativity. IL-YANG, as a company responsible for human life, shall put forth all its efforts to open a new future until all the diseases on this planet are gone forever.